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6 Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

Do you have problems with writer’s block and what exactly is this condition?

Geesh! I’ve got nothing to write and it just won’t come. Nothiiiiiing!

You get the problem every once in awhile but maybe it’s continually. You don’t want it to happen, but there it is. The good ol dreaded…..


Uhhg! I strain and strain and I still can’t get anything out on my head and onto that darn page.

Writer’s block can make anyone just want to go mad. You really want to write, but you just can’t get it from your mind to the paper. It just gets to be a huge waste of time.

Your stomach ties up in knots as you stress out about your dilemma. If you force it, it just gets worse. Even smacking yourself upside the head a couple times doesn’t snap you out of it.

What is the reason so many people get plagued by writer’s block?

One reason could be fear. You’re so stressed when it comes to writing, that you just turn off. Maybe you think you don’t have anything worth putting down on paper or you could just fear having writer’s block itself.

Writer’s block can happen to anyone in any situation. You may think you have to have a masterpiece or you will get picked apart by all the critics out there waiting to pounce on your next article.

Here are tips you can use to get over the writer’s block and get back on the writing track.

I am here to tell you that WRITER’S BLOCK CAN BE OVERCOME.

Please, remain seated.

[1] Know your topic. The more prepared you are even before you sit down, the better chance you will have of having something to write. Researching your topic is critical to overcoming writer’s block. Also, the more you are prepared, the more confidence you will have on your particular subject.

[2] Forget about being perfect. When you are experiencing writer’s block you need to forget about writing and just type or write about any thoughts that come to mind. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, just get it out on paper. Keep writing whatever comes to mind. I’m serious, even if you think it’s silly, right it down. Forget about what your drafts will look like. Don’t judge what is worthy to go down on paper or not. Write it all down and you will be surprised at not only what comes out of you, but the fact that you are writing and thats what counts.

[3] Don’t edit while you are writing. This is related to the previous tip. Do not think about any grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. Write it all down anyway it comes out. Thinking about how you are going to write it is going to prevent the thoughts from flowing. You will be able to go back and make it readable later on. You get a good flow of thoughts going and you’ll be surprised at how much you have to say about a subject. Just write like you are having a casual talk with a friend.

[4] Forget about the first sentence. Overcome writer’s block by writing down what comes to mind in any order. If you have a lot to talk about and it happens to be the end of the article, start with that first. No need for order. Again the idea is to just get it out and put it into sequence later. As you do this, you’ll activate you mind and you’ll start getting all the information coming out .

[5] Act as if. You act like you are a great writer that always has something great to say, you will have something to say. There is real power in acting like what you want to be. You have the talent in you and as you act confident, you will be able to write.

[6] As the old Nike slogan says, “Just do it!” Stop procrastinating right now. Keep your notes close by and start writing. Use the ideas others have had on the subject as a way to get your thoughts going. Remember, there really isn’t anything original. Of course you never want to copy someone word for word because thats called plagiarism and illegal. It is very acceptable to take the many ideas of others and put those ideas into your own words, adding your own experiences and writing style and voila you have an original piece of work

In conclusion, you can implement these tips to get over writer’s block. You might not think you have the greatest work around but that’s okay. If you can teach, inspire and help somebody by what you convey on paper, you are a good writer. And the great thing is that the more you write the better you become. So get going okay.


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